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We protect more than 55 billion Euros in turnover per year

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We protect you from all different types of fraud

Identity Theft

Detection of stolen personal data by linking orders across accounts and transactions.

Account Takeover

Detection of irregularities in existing accounts to protect your customers.

Fake Accounts

Detection of multiple registrations and registrations using false information.

Award-winning software solutions

Instantly identify fraudsters with DEVICE IDENT, RISK IDENT’s device fingerprinting solution which identifies the device behind the order in real-time and compares it with millions of known fraudulent devices in the data pool. DEVICE IDENT complies with German and European data protection regulations.


FRIDA, specially developed for manual fraud prevention, is an intuitive expert software that helps you reduce fraud and increase profits. FRIDA creates links between all transaction data to reliably identify fraud cases, patterns and trends

Efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence and expert knowledge

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