About us

A team of experts with domain knowledge

RISK IDENT is a company of experts who are passionate about fighting fraud. From hiring the most capable data scientists to building a collection of dependable products that significantly reduce fraud in the online transaction world, everything we do is to help companies and their customers conduct business in a safe, convenient and trustworthy environment.

We have a strong customer base of well-known companies. As such, we’ve been able to establish a vast and high-quality device identification pool. We’ve also gained unparalleled insight into how AI and machine learning can be developed to significantly reduce fraud. Armed with these valuable assets, we’ve developed two key products that enable fraud teams to make smarter decisions and minimize the gray area between transaction accepts and declines. Our fraud solutions are: DEVICE IDENT Device Fingerprinting and FRIDA Fraud Manager.

Together with our products, RISK IDENT specializes in supporting large e-commerce, telecommunication and financial enterprises in identifying and preventing criminal activity like payment fraud, account takeovers and identity theft. Our team of product experts are able to assist in the most complex fraud cases. As such, our customers have unrivalled peace of mind in a world filled with faster and smarter fraudsters who’ve become more adept at cashing in on undeserved wins.

RISK IDENT was founded in 2012 and became a leading provider of fraud prevention software within the online space. In 2017, the Hamburg-based company secured more than €50 billion in transaction volume and also expanded to the US by opening up a headquarters at Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Boston.