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 10 April 2018:

Attack of the Phones: Why A Mobile-First Fraud Prevention Mindset Is Important

All eyes in the payment and banking worlds are on mobile phones at the moment, and with good reason. Though the past few years have already given us mind-boggling statistics like there are more cell phone users than toothbrush users on the planet, 2017 marked the first year in which it’s absolutely clear that consumers are beginning to prefer mobile phones for their payment, shopping and banking needs.

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05 April 2018:

From Lambs and Wolves

The classic fraudster targeted brick-and-mortar banks and was a lot like a lone wolf; he would take a high personal risk and howl in delight over his spoils. But because the fraudster could not show his face in the establishment again, the typical risk for a bank was a one-time loss. Fake identities did occasionally appear, but most of the fraud seen was soft fraud — fraudsters using their own identity and disguising the missing creditworthiness.

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06 March 2018:

Data breach fatigue leaves no room for snoozing as ATO alarms blare

The rapid rise of account takeover fraud has reached record levels with no sign of slowing down. This has left companies that wish to avoid surrender scrambling to match the stealth and sophistication of today’s fraudsters. Successfully thwarting criminals who pose as trusted users is proving to be a difficult task; especially given how the problem with account takeover (also called ATO) originated, and how the recent onset of data breaches has escalated its prevalence.

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09 January 2018:

What Does The Future Hold For The Fight Against Fraud?

2017 has been an eventful year in online fraud. Data breaches are ramping up by the week – not by the month anymore – and hit mainstream media headlines as we saw with the leak at Uber just last month. Meanwhile, companies in Europe (and beyond) have been preparing for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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24 November 2017:

How To Survive Black Friday With Your Identity And Wallet Intact

Black Friday is upon us and retailers of all shapes and sizes are launching what is predicted to be yet another sales bonanza, with the UK alone expected to spend more than GBP 10 billion over the five days from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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10 October 2017:

Fighting Fraud: An interview with Roberto Valerio

Fraud is continually strengthening and evolving. Even though it suffers repeated blows, it’s clear that the threat to online businesses has never been greater. Significantly, as fraud rises, so does consumer knowledge of the is- sue, with headlines like: “You are now 20 times more likely to be robbed while at your computer than held up in the street”. So if a business does not have sufficient fraud prevention strategies in place to protect consumer data, then not only are revenues on the line, but so is the business’ reputation.

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16 August 2017:

From Europe to US: addressing cross-border fraud with fraud prevention technology

Dustin Clinard, Risk Ident, shares his input on fraud prevention opportunities in the US and Europe ecommerce fields and strategies to beat fraudsters at their own game.

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14 August 2017:

Artificial intelligence is our past, present and future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the current buzzword of business. Computer software is helping us choose our films and music, dealing with our customer service enquiries, and improving our healthcare. It is also helping fraud managers across the world to spot and stop fraudsters, keeping us safe online.

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12 July 2017:

Man and machine – the prefect fraud-fighting team

Science fiction would have us believe that man and machine will one day wage war on each other, but the reality is that artificial intelligence and machine-learning have been with us for years, and technology is already helping us in ways we may not have fully appreciated.

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27 June 2017:

Fighting fraud in a diverse payment landscape

The threat of eCommerce fraud in Europe has risen in line with the growth of eCommerce itself. In fact, Europol’s Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) 2016 revealed that eCommerce fraud has now been classified as a “key threat”. Is it any wonder when 66% of the EU’s total card fraud is coming from card-not-present (CNP) transactions?

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14 March 2017:

Protecting business and customers: Meeting the modern anti-fraud challenge

Online customers have never been so vulnerable. A recent survey by Pew Research Center found that 16% of North Americans have had their email accounts hacked while 13% claim that someone has taken over at least one of their social media accounts. In total, 64% of respondents had personally experienced a major data breach and 41% had encountered fraudulent charges on their credit cards.

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6 February 2017:

Trust the Machines – Let Them Help You Fight Fraud

Anyone who’s seen The Terminator, The Matrix or more recently Ex Machina could be forgiven for thinking that the machines will inevitably turn on us. The reality away from the big screens is that artificial intelligence and machine learning is all around us and is benefiting our lives in more ways than we had perhaps appreciated.

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10 January 2017:

Successfully Steering the Ship Though a Stormy Sea of Fraud in 2017

2016 was a remarkable year in fraud. We saw the first pan-European e-commerce fraud operation, which ended with the arrest of 42 professional fraudsters, as well as a 17-year-old prosecuted for stealing 21,000 customer bank details from a major broadband provider. But like the mythical monster Hydra, one severed head in fraud can spawn two even more menacing heads.

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2 November 2016:

Account takeover fraud is not a lottery: lax security allows fraudsters in

The UK’s National Lottery recently became the most recent high-level organisation to fall foul of account takeover fraud. Around 26,500 accounts are feared to have been hijacked with sensitive details potentially at risk. National Lottery confirmed that although its own systems had not been compromised, players’ login details had been stolen from elsewhere.

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24 November 2016:

Black Friday: Higher sales, higher risk

eCommerce is looking forward to busiest time of the year. In recent years, Black Friday has been the single most profitable retail day in the US and in UK and the trend has now spread Cyber Monday, making it a weekend-long retail festival that acts of as a starting gun for the December Christmas trade.

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22 November 2016:

Account takeover fraud: What is it and how can you protect your ecommerce store?

At Risk Ident we have noted up to a 300% increase in account takeover attempts on our eCommerce customers’ webstores in just the last year alone. Recently, O2 reportedly fell victim to account takeover attacks: customer usernames and passwords were allegedly obtained by fraudsters and used to defraud genuine customers.

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20 September 2016:

Why is account takeover fraud rising and how can it be spotted?

Account takeover fraud is one of the fastest-growing problems in the CNP world today. Over the past year, we at Risk Ident have noted up to a 300 percent increase in account takeover attempts on our customers.

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9 September 2016:

Retail surgery: How can retailers prevent account takeover fraud?

Account takeover fraud occurs when an illegitimate user logs in to a genuine customer account to buy goods and services without the account-holder’s authorisation.

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22 August 2016:

Risk Ident CEO on board of Merchant Risk Council

Fraud prevention software company Risk Ident has announced the appointment of its CEO, Roberto Valerio, to the European Advisory Board of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC).

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1 August 2016:

What is the fastest rising fraud threat to eCommerce businesses in Germany?

Between June 2015 and June 2016, we identified an increase of up to 300% in account takeover attempts on our eCommerce customers in Germany, making it one of the fastest-rising risks of modern online commerce.

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07 July 2016:

How to combat the growing threat of account takeover fraud

Online fraudsters are constantly devising new ways to get rich at the expense of others. One such strategy, which is becoming increasingly popular recently, is account takeovers.

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June 2016:

“We make new technology approchable”

Roberto Giorgio Valerio, CEO at Risk Ident GmbH, studied Business Administration but his programming history reaches far back. He started programming at the very young age and therefore he is very technically skilled for a business focused professional. Before Roberto started Risk Ident he was already involved in 3 other startups as a founder.

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