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2 November 2016:

Account takeover fraud is not a lottery: lax security allows fraudsters in

The UK’s National Lottery recently became the most recent high-level organisation to fall foul of account takeover fraud. Around 26,500 accounts are feared to have been hijacked with sensitive details potentially at risk. National Lottery confirmed that although its own systems had not been compromised, players’ login details had been stolen from elsewhere.

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24 November 2016:

Black Friday: Higher sales, higher risk

eCommerce is looking forward to busiest time of the year. In recent years, Black Friday has been the single most profitable retail day in the US and in UK and the trend has now spread Cyber Monday, making it a weekend-long retail festival that acts of as a starting gun for the December Christmas trade.

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22 November 2016:

Account takeover fraud: What is it and how can you protect your ecommerce store?

At Risk Ident we have noted up to a 300% increase in account takeover attempts on our eCommerce customers’ webstores in just the last year alone. Recently, O2 reportedly fell victim to account takeover attacks: customer usernames and passwords were allegedly obtained by fraudsters and used to defraud genuine customers.

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20 September 2016:

Why is account takeover fraud rising and how can it be spotted?

Account takeover fraud is one of the fastest-growing problems in the CNP world today. Over the past year, we at Risk Ident have noted up to a 300 percent increase in account takeover attempts on our customers.

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9 September 2016:

Retail surgery: How can retailers prevent account takeover fraud?

Account takeover fraud occurs when an illegitimate user logs in to a genuine customer account to buy goods and services without the account-holder’s authorisation.

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22 August 2016:

Risk Ident CEO on board of Merchant Risk Council

Fraud prevention software company Risk Ident has announced the appointment of its CEO, Roberto Valerio, to the European Advisory Board of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC).

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1 August 2016:

What is the fastest rising fraud threat to eCommerce businesses in Germany?

Between June 2015 and June 2016, we identified an increase of up to 300% in account takeover attempts on our eCommerce customers in Germany, making it one of the fastest-rising risks of modern online commerce.

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07 July 2016:

How to combat the growing threat of account takeover fraud

Online fraudsters are constantly devising new ways to get rich at the expense of others. One such strategy, which is becoming increasingly popular recently, is account takeovers.

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June 2016:

We make new technologie approchable..

Roberto Giorgio Valerio, CEO at Risk Ident GmbH, studied Business Administration but his programming history reaches far back. He started programming at the very young age and therefore he is very technically skilled for a business focused professional. Before Roberto started Risk Ident he was already involved in 3 other startups as a founder.

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