Account Takeover

An account takeover solution that stops sophisticated fraudsters from masquerading as trusted users

Account takeover fraud is difficult to detect because cunning fraudsters have methods that trick merchants into believing they’re interacting with trusted users. However, machine learning software unmasks even the slyest of fraudsters.

Account takeover fraud (ATO) happens when a fraudulent entity uses hacking, phishing or other methods to gain access to a legitimate account and uses the account holder’s registered payment information or other privileges connected to the account to gain access to goods.

Because the fraudsters’ behavior often mirrors the behavior of the rightful owners — and is sometimes even interspersed with honest transactions made by the legitimate owners — it is extremely difficult for merchants to recognize the fraudulent activity and purchases until it’s too late. However, RISK IDENT’s advanced machine-learning fraud prevention software is able to see through account takeover charades, reducing false positives and protecting genuine customers in real time.



Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

RISK IDENT’s dedicated machine learning algorithms make detecting ATO effortless by properly classifying fraud types. Our software examines a multitude of different attributes with increased precision and recall in order to determine fraudulent activity. The results are delivered in human-friendly terms that allow a business to quickly differentiate between account takeover fraudsters and trusted customers.


Reduced False Positives

Customers’ habits change over time, and they’re capable of behavior that appears fraudulent. They may update account details, ship gifts to family and friends who live in different countries and purchase goods from a different device than usual – all of which can trigger standard fraud protection alerts. Our machine learning algorithms can decipher the subtle differences between fraudulent activity and suspicious-looking activity made by actual trusted users, which dramatically reduces false positives.


Unique User Profiles

Our innovative software recognizes behavioral data of customers and flags deviations from normal activity. Features like number of recent login attempts, elapsed time since last email or address change, average time spent on product pages and average shopping cart value are assessed.


Device Fingerprinting

Intelligent rule systems match all device data against the global pool and can calculate a fraud risk score for each device — including an SDK for native mobile applications.


Better Customer Experience

Security measures like Two-Factor-Authentication cut down on ATOs, however these additional security steps also create customer friction. Integrating smart fraud prevention software keeps the customer experience as quick and smooth as possible.



Account takeovers now represent about 20% of fraud


The shopping cart total of ATO transactions is on average three times higher than other fraudulent transactions


Internet users in their 30s and 40s are the most likely to be victims of ATO


RISK IDENT’s products achieve a “True Positive” rate of 97% in standard online retail settings


RISK IDENT offers a collection of highly developed fraud prevention software products, all of which are easy to integrate. The software applies algorithms and machine learning on different data feeds to identify fraud risks on a variety of devices.

FRIDA is an intelligent all-in-one solution that analyzes transactions using data analytics and machine-learning. It will continuously adapt to changing fraud patterns and is especially skilled in filtering out hard-to-detect account takeovers so your legitimate customers are protected and your false positives are reduced.

DEVICE IDENT identifies customers’ devices through their unique characteristics and analyzes them independently of their personal data. Using intelligent rule systems, DEVICE IDENT ensures that fraud correlations can be identified consistently. Push email and API access allows for the individual assessment of the device information in real time.

DEVICE IDENT is able to match all device data against its global pool. If a device is at any point marked as being part of a fraudulent transaction, all clients can take immediate action. Integrating DEVICE IDENT into relevant pages on your website is a quick and simple process. Businesses can also choose to integrate our DEVICE INTELLIGENCE for fraud protection within native mobile apps.

EVE is a flexible software platform that applies selected machine learning algorithms to evaluate different input streams for a real-time risk assessment — as a SaaS or on-premises solution.


RISK IDENT is an anti-fraud software development company based in the US and Europe that protects companies within the ecommerce, telecommunication and financial sectors.

Our machine-learning software uses sophisticated data analytics to block payment fraud and account takeovers, all with human-friendly alerts that simplify a fraud prevention team’s decision-making process.

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