International Workshop on Fraud Prevention

International Workshop on Fraud Prevention

The 8th international ACM Web Science Conference will be held from May 22nd to May 25th 2016 in Hannover. The opening workshop „Online Safety, Trust and Fraud Prevention“ is organized by Risk Ident’s Data Science Team.

Web Science is the emergent study of the people and technologies, applications, processes and practices that shape and are shaped by the World Wide Web. It aims to draw together theories, methods and findings from across academic disciplines, and to collaborate with industry, business, government and civil society, to develop our knowledge and understanding of the Web.

This year, the opening workshop „Online Safety, Trust and Fraud Prevention“ will pursue to answer to these main research questions:

  • What are the cases and motivations of fraudulent activities in online environments?
  • How can we find solutions to detect and analyze fraud?
  • And how can we derive means to prevent it?

To find answers to these questions researchers from a wide array of disciplines, like mathematics, computer science, economy, philosophy and social science will come together and discuss their approaches.

As experts in fraud prevention, Risk Ident will contribute in the scientific discussion with two key talks: Dr. Marco Fisichella, Head of Data Science at Risk Ident and organizer of the workshop, will talk about “Fraud Prevention by Connections Inference”. Furthermore, Kevin Scholz, Product Expert at Risk Ident, will give insights into fraud prevention in the financial sector with “Your saving could be next: Fighting Fraud in Fintech”.