OnST ’17: The 2nd International Workshop on Online Safety, Trust and Fraud Prevention

OnST ’17: The 2nd International Workshop on Online Safety, Trust and Fraud Prevention

Collocated with ECIR 2017, the 39th European Conference on Information Retrieval

Almost every aspect of our lives is influenced by the web, from education, health and commerce to our social interactions. The profound impact that the internet has on our lives requires us to rethink the way we make big decisions, but also the choices we make every day.

Increasingly, we at Risk Ident find our users raising concerns regarding their trust and safety online, with questions such as ‘can I trust this service with my data?’ or ‘is it safe to use?’. In many cases, trust-related issues become a deal-breaker for the adoption of online services. We commonly find cases of people avoiding online banking and refusing to purchase products online due to the fear of becoming the next victim of fraudulent activity. It’s hard to deny that providing a trustworthy environment for users online is of the utmost importance.

The recent OnST workshop in Aberdeen, Scotland, focused on online fraud detection and prevention, bringing together experts in various fields to understand the motivations of online fraudsters, find solutions to detect and analyze fraud, and derive a means to prevent it.

The workshop, which was collocated with the 39th edition of ECIR (the European Conference on Information Retrieval) and presented by Risk Ident’s Steffen Brauer, Tobias Knuth and Dr. Marco Fisichella, saw the gathering of brilliant information retrieval experts as well as members of our Data Science (DS) team. With the help of the DS team, Marco presented the latest Risk Ident research: Economic Perspective on Fraud Prevention and Temporal Anomaly Detection, a topic which caught the attention of the audience and encouraged the exchange of ideas during the poster session.

Much to the delight of the DS team, Dr. Gupta, expert and author of books such as Outlier Detection for Temporal Data (which was highly cited in Risk Ident’s latest research into outlier detection), expressed great interest in Risk Ident’s future, voicing his excitement in our state-of-the-art techniques.

A brilliant session was brought together thanks to the following stimulating talks:

  • Laura Dietz (University of New Hampshire), Retrieving knowledge from the Web;
  • Jaime Teevan (Microsoft Research), Search, Re-Search;
  • Alexander Hauptmann (Carnegie Mellon University), Efficient query results on the content of millions of videos.

Altogether, the event was a huge success. Not only did it give us the chance to meet several top level researchers and engineers – the BI team at OTTO group (Dr. Michaela Regneri), Amazon, Bloomberg, Adobe, Xerox, IBM Research, Facebook Research, Microsoft Research, Yahoo Corporation, Yandex, AVITO, among others – but it gave us the opportunity to explore the latest research on information retrieval, all the while thinking about new research directions. The online world will continue to influence our lives and it’s extremely rewarding to have a positive influence on the direction in which we’re all travelling!

OnSt ’17 – Online Safety, Trust and Fraud Prevention