Fight against the ticketing black market: defeat ticket touts

Fight against the ticketing black market: defeat ticket touts

The fight against fraud in ticketing was brought back into the public eye recently when the BBC claimed that ticket touts work on an ‘industrial scale’. Professional touts are no longer hindered by brazenly scalping outside of venues. Now that the majority of ticket sales take place online, touts have access to various tools to aid their work, such as multiple IDs and a team of assistants.

Unfortunately in today’s market, more transactions are coming from these professional ticket touts. Online ticket touts, also known as scalpers, brokers, and a variety of other (not-so-pleasant) names, buy as many tickets as possible in order to resell them illegally, often at more than double the face value. While this is a problem in its own right, the crisis arises once multiple ticket touts work in unison to buy out the tickets from the primary licensed seller’s supply.

Worryingly, emerging fraud patterns show that fraudsters are using increasingly professional methods to secure the tickets. By using automated programs to place as many targeted orders in as short a time as possible, the fraudsters increase their chances of acquiring multiple tickets.

With a plethora of fraudsters now menacingly buying out tickets with constantly changing tactics, fans have little chance of buying tickets at the original price from a licensed seller. To tackle this problem, we’ve embarked on a mission to help businesses and consumers combat fraudulent ticketing activity.

It’s a game of cat and mouse online; the large number of ticket transactions combined with the constantly-changing methods used by fraudsters present us with a real challenge. However, it is a challenge that we are well-equipped to deal with, using the expertise of our engineers and state-of-the-art machine-learning software.

Artificial intelligence, aligned to human knowledge and expertise, enables companies to uncover fraudulent transactions and block them before the order is even placed. This helps us ensure that tickets are sold to true fans at original prices, rather than on the black market, meaning every seat at sold-out events provide memorable experiences for real fans, without breaking the bank.

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