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Benchmark your fraud prevention

Let us analyze and benchmark your current fraud prevention setup. Benefit from our experience in various industries and our global device data pool – continuously enlarged by the second largest online retailer in Europe and many other international companies. We now safeguard hundreds of thousands of transactions a day, allowing us to offer you a reliable industry benchmarking. The integration can be achieved with minimal effort. This means there is no need to mobilize cost-intensive IT resources or plan any extensive projects.

Low costs and simple integration


Integration into your website

Integrating the DEVICE IDENT software is a simple matter of inserting our code snippets into the relevant pages on your website. You will also benefit from a short consultation with us regarding which data format should be used for processing transactions.



Evaluation of transactions online or on-site

After one month we will either receive the transactions from your server in the agreed format or we will install our FRIDA software directly at your premises, ensuring all your customer data remains exclusively with you.



Immediate protection for three months

DEVICE IDENT goes live within a very short amount of time – from then on you are protected using device recognition as well as our global device pool. Device data will be collected for three months and used for analysis later on.


Analysis of your fraud prevention and industry benchmarking

You will receive a comprehensible benchmark report of your current fraud prevention setup and recommendations for improvements. In addition, we benchmark the findings against industry standards in order to highlight further potential for improvement.


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