Our products

Our products

As a single solution or part of a perfect team!

Our software products are built to detect fraud before it can become a real threat to your business. We provide a number of solutions, capable of analyzing millions of transactions in real-time while being individually adjustable to your particular business needs. Our products are all highly scalable and can be integrated with minimal effort, enabling a seamless connection to your existing systems.

Device analysis and recognition

DEVICE IDENT identifies customers’ devices through their unique characteristics and analyzes them independently of their personal data. Using intelligent rule systems, DEVICE IDENT ensures that fraud correlations can be identified consistently. Push email and API access allows for the individual assessment of the device information in real time.

DEVICE IDENT is able to match all device data against its global pool. If a device is at any point marked as being part of a fraudulent transaction, all clients can take immediate action. Integrating DEVICE IDENT into relevant pages on your website is a quick and simple process. After integration, the first fraud correlations are immediately detected.



Intelligent transaction linking

Our self-learning anti-fraud software FRIDA supports fraud managers by intelligently linking a wide range of input sources. Incoming transactions are automatically compared and evaluated, allowing fraudulent connections to be quickly detected. FRIDA not only analyzes individual transactions but also immediately establishes relationships between transactions.

Thanks to an intuitive user interface, your fraud managers are provided with an overview of potential fraudulent activities within seconds of receiving an order. Data protection is very important to us – that’s why FRIDA can be installed directly on your premises, enabling you to retain all customer data locally.



Taking fraud prevention to the next level

EVE is a new stand-alone software application from Risk Ident. It provides intelligent risk management based on highly scalable machine learning techniques. EVE is designed to fulfill the needs of a number of industries. For example banks use it to fight account takeovers and reduce fraud during loan application processes.

EVE is supported by the latest insights from our data science team. Its intelligent algorithms are capable of detecting connections between individual transactions and spotting previously unidentified fraud scenarios. EVE comes with a simple user interface which enables fraud managers to significantly reduce fraud rates. The software can also be installed locally, meaning customer data remains on site.