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Our software products detect fraud by automatically linking and interpreting transactions. Even with fraud carried out using different end devices, suspicious transactions are identified and stopped before they become a real threat to your business. Our products always deliver results in real time, capable of analyzing millions of historical transactions.

Intuitive control center for fraud prevention

Working effectively with minimal training: the user-friendly interface combines all the information relevant to the evaluation of transactions. Fraud networks can be detected quickly using graphical link representations and the associated transactions can be stopped by the click of a mouse.

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User-friendly interface

The individualized user interface combines all the tools necessary to detect fraudulent transactions. It enables you to work efficiently with minimum effort spent on training and integration.


Comprehensive analysis options

Individual filter criteria on several factors enable the precise identification of fraud. This allows custom workflows to be optimally displayed.

Integrated heat maps

Using integrated heat maps you can see at a glance where fraud is accumulating. This allows proximate fraudulent orders to be detected and prevented.

Clear presentation of links

FRIDA enables differentiated analyses of fraudulent contexts that could otherwise only be identified with great effort.

Efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence and expert knowledge

Optimal fraud identification for your business is based on over 100 customizable rule sets as well as fraud pattern recognition using artificial intelligence. Millions of transactions are automatically linked and evaluated in real time.

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Automatic analysis of transactions based on over 100 flexible rule sets

Transactions are analyzed automatically using tried and tested rule sets. These analyses are completely customizable to suit your needs, guaranteeing optimal identification.

High-performance analysis of fraudulent links

Thanks to high-performance graph databases, transactions are automatically searched and linked to other fraud patterns within a very short period of time. By incorporating large amounts of transaction data, fraud can also be identified comprehensively.


Artificial intelligence thanks to innovative algorithms

By independently detecting trends and fraud patterns through automatic analysis of all the available datasets, you are protecting yourself against new and even future threat scenarios.


Continuous optimization

Every transaction is examined and analyzed against known patterns. Based on your feedback on the fraud status of previous transactions, detection is continuously improved.

Fraud detection using behavior analysis

If a user’s behavior on a website deviates from the norm or if any conspicuous actions are taken, such as changing email addresses, you may be dealing with account hacking. RISK IDENT’s software detects these conspicuous actions and identifies the corresponding transactions.

Commercially focused prioritization

The possible total loss for all transactions is calculated in the context of the respective business model. Transactions will be prioritized accordingly based on this sum. This allows for the detection of a high risk of default, even if that consists of several small and thus inconspicuous orders.

Numerous data sources for optimal results

By analyzing and evaluating transaction data (names, address information, region, device information, payment method and many other data sources), an optimal decision tree is created. The system can be easily expanded so all your data sources can be integrated and incorporated.

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Device information

Using device-specific characteristics, every transaction is reviewed independently of customer information. This allows transactions from the same device to be linked and fraud patterns to be recognized. At the same time you will benefit from our global device pool, providing you with cross-company information on known fraud devices.


Telephone and email validation

By reliably validating email addresses, invalid and disposable addresses are identified and their similarities to other addresses and attributes are analyzed. Similarly, phone numbers are linked with other transactions using recognized patterns, allowing for identification of connections that could otherwise easily be missed.


Payment methods

Not all payment methods present the same risk of default. Our software evaluates a diverse range of payment method-specific information, such as the BIN for credit cards, and detects irregularities based on inconsistent information or information received from data providers.


Credit agencies and registers

Risk Ident’s software already provides complete interfaces to numerous credit agencies, which can be integrated at the click of a button. These can be used for selective queries in order to keep costs as low as possible.

Map and geographical data

Our software places a very own map server at your disposal, allowing you to analyze various factors – for example distances between addresses, independently of street names, post codes or area information.

Proxy detection

The use of proxies to disguise identity is popular with fraudsters. Tools, such as the TOR network, provide fraudsters the simplest way to hide their own IP addresses. RISK IDENT reliably detects these TOR endpoints and flags these transactions.