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What we offer

Agile development with flat hierarchies

You’ll be working in small teams, enabling you to collaborate in a fast-paced and dynamic way. Our flexible working hours mean you can work when you work best – whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Technical decisions are taken by the team, so each member can work as effectively as possible.

Start-up flair with solid financial backing

We are young, dynamic and strive to make the world just that little bit better. Although we love our fresh start-up vibe, we still make it a top priority to act as a responsible employer. Having the Otto Group on boars as an investor gives us a solid financial basis as a start-up, rather than having to rely on the next round of financing.

Real-life fraud cases every day

Our technology serves to protect firms from the real risk of becoming the victim of online fraud. With this mission in mind, we work constantly to optimize our products so that we can always be one step ahead of the fraudster.

Pioneering technology for a good cause

As well as being exciting at the forefront of online fraud protection, our innovative technology also presents us with new challenges every single day. All with the aim of making a positive difference, by helping to protect business and consumers alike from the risks they face.

A workspace that works for you!

We’ll provide you with everything you require, no matter if you’re happiest working on OS X, Linux or Windows, on one monitor or three. There are also fruit juices, soft drinks and organic fruit. And during breaks you might want to take some time out at our billiards table, or play some table football.

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DevOps Linux Engineer


JavaScript Developer


Scala Developer