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Whether for car rental companies, car sharing companies or rail transport providers, fraud patterns in the mobility industry are becoming increasingly similar. But fraudsters hit a roadblock when we step in, connecting data and using our experience in fraud prevention for the mobility industry to stop them from reaching their destination. As a provider of innovative technologies and solutions for fraud prevention, we are like a passenger at the side of every mobility service provider. With RISK IDENT, fraudsters never get where they want to go.

Fraud Problems in the Mobility Industry

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Payments are withdrawn after the trip has been completed

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Rent and Sell

Sale of rented cars or car parts via car platforms, often abroad

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Voucher Fraud

Unfortunatly incentives, prepaid systems or vouchers also attract fraudsters

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Loyalty Fraud

Bonus programs are exploited by fraudsters to cause damage

Fraud Prevention for the Mobility Industry to Win the Race Against Fraudsters

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Extensive Product World

RISK IDENT offers device fingerprinting with DEVICE IDENT and all-in-one fraud prevention software with FRIDA, both from a single source. That is an unbeatable combination.

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Device Recognition at Login

Fraudulent devices are detected as early as the login stage. This halts bad transactions and prevents mobility services from being issued, meaning no damage is caused to the provider.

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Successful Networking

We are at the forefront of initiating the topic of fraud prevention in Germany and we work to connect all of our customers from the mobility industry as well as other industries at annual events. This allows for a valuable and effective exchange of experience – because fraud is not competition.”

Get into Fraud Prevention now

Case Study: Car Rental Companies Targeted by Fraudsters

Case Study: Car Rental Companies Targeted by Fraudsters

A prime example of a mobility provider, car rental companies face unique fraud problems. Fraudsters often use stolen identities and stolen credit card data to rent vehicles. If the fraudster uses the mobility service and drives from Hamburg to Munich, for example, this already generates considerable costs for the provider due to chargebacks of the payment and empty trips. However, this is still a small loss compared to other common mobility fraud patterns such as driving abroad, selling the vehicles to unsuspecting buyers at home or abroad, and cannibalizing and selling vehicle parts.

Holistic Fraud Prevention for Mobility Providers

The Solution: Holistic Fraud Prevention for Mobility Providers

Account takeovers and credit card theft are ever-present fraud types for car rental companies, but these types of fraud affect the entire mobility industry. In addition, many companies from other industries are also struggling with similar approaches by fraudsters. Our customers rely on fraud prevention from RISK IDENT. Through data pooling and learning from other industries, fraud patterns can be quickly identified and stopped.

An Overview of Our Products

FRIDA is the intelligent all in one solution in the prevention of online fraud

It delivers reliable results in real time by using modern machine learning algorithms to establish connections between transaction data and recognize patterns. Man and machine — the dream team for online fraud prevention.

Fraud detection through the most used form of fraud prevention: device fingerprinting

Every device leaves digital traces on the internet, similar to a fingerprint in the real world. Device Ident recognizes fraudulent devices and prevents impending damage.

Your Partner in Fraud Prevention for your Mobility Service

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Initial Prevention

Device recognition happens at login, so fraud is stopped right from the beginning

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Fraud Prevention is Not a Competition

Exchange of information through a mobility-device-pool and also across industries

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We Recognize Fraud Patterns

Detecting links between fraudulent transactions identifies fraudsters

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