DEVICE IDENT: Our Device Fingerprinting Solution

Similar to criminals in the real world, online fraudsters leave digital fingerprints and can be identified by them. Our device fingerprinting solution DEVICE IDENT collects dozens of recognition features from the devices that carry out transactions on our customers’ websites, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. The recognition features of these devices are compared with our global device database. Thus, the fraud probability of the transaction is assessed in real time and fraudulent transactions are stopped before they can cause damage. Device fingerprinting is the most important tool in fraud prevention (*MRC Fraud Report 2019).

DEVICE IDENT – Betrugserkennung mit Device Fingerprinting

DEVICE IDENT – explained in 90 seconds

Protect Your Turnover With DEVICE IDENT

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Real Time

Creation of an individual risk profile for each device: Fraudulent devices are identified

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Data Protection Compliant

DEVICE IDENT works in conformity with GDPR

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Ready to Start in 24 Hours

Easy integration with RISK IDENT product experts

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Individually Configurable

Company peculiarities are taken into account, and rule sets are specially adapted to the customer

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Global Data Pool

Matching against millions of devices in the global fraud database

Our Footprint in Device Fingerprinting

Largest Data Pool in the DACH Region

Largest Data Pool in the DACH Region

With the 2013 launch of our product DEVICE IDENT, we created the first data pool for fraudulent devices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since then, our database has grown steadily and eventually became global. We now have the largest device database in the DACH region, due in part to our customers like OTTO and Deutsche Telekom. The device fingerprinting characteristics of each computer, smartphone or tablet from which a fraud attempt has been made are marked in our pool. With the help of this blacklist, fraudsters are identified and all future transactions are blocked. With our data pool, all of our customers benefit from each other and cohesively make it more difficult for fraudsters to move from one company to another.

Exact and Smart Matching

Exact and Smart Matching

DEVICE IDENT uniquely assigns known devices via exact match. Resourceful fraudsters try to change individual features of their devices, e.g. by means of VPNs or proxy servers, and thus can trick device fingerprinting systems. However, DEVICE IDENT detects these attempts and can recognize the fraudster’s device by means of smart matching.

Transaction-Based Billing Model

Transaction-Based Billing Model

Our goal is a win-win situation: We secure your transactions and minimize their losses from online fraud. With DEVICE IDENT’s flexible billing model there are no fixed costs. We offer all of our new customers a FRAUD CHECK with DEVICE IDENT. This allows you to test our excellent device fingerprinting on your website without any financial risk, as well as find out how much fraud we identify on your site.

Ready to Go in 24 Hours


Device IDENT Integration


RISK IDENT Customers

Actual State Analysis

Fraud problem and type is identified and quantified. Presentation of our solution. Decision for DEVICE IDENT.


Snippet Integration

Snippet is built into the frontend with the help of integration documentation and product expert support.


Back Connection

RISK IDENT sets up push email to return fraud scores or provides API interface.


Fraud Detection DEVICE IDENT

Fraudulent transactions are now detected and new fraud cases are reported to the pool.


Optional Training On-Site

Product experts come to your office, train fraud managers and individualize scoring.

An Overview of Our Products

FRIDA is the intelligent all in one solution in the prevention of online fraud

It delivers reliable results in real time by using modern machine learning algorithms to establish connections between transaction data and recognize patterns. Man and machine — the dream team for online fraud prevention.

Fraud detection through the most used form of fraud prevention: device fingerprinting

Every device leaves digital traces on the internet, similar to a fingerprint in the real world. Device Ident recognizes fraudulent devices and prevents impending damage.

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Any Questions?

Christian Grundmann – VP Sales

DEVICE IDENT at a Glance

DEVICE IDENT gives you a better understanding of who your customers are – of course GDPR approved. This allows fraud to be identified in real time. You protect your customers from account takeovers and identity theft. This prevents fraud losses and protects your trusted customers.

  • Fraud detection in real time

  • Quick and easy integration

  • Global device data pool with fraud detection

  • No personal data

  • Individually configurable

  • Personal customer support

  • App and mobile support

  • Transaction-based accounting model

  • Continuous development of matching technology


DEVICE IDENT is easy to integrate without extensive IT effort. Only a snippet has to be integrated on your website. This does not require much effort from front end employees. The back connection of the fraud scores can be made via push email or API connection.

All data that is collected and processed by our device fingerprinting software is done so in accordance with the GDPR as well as the Hamburg Data Protection Authority. All RISK IDENT data is processed on servers in Germany. Thus, DEVICE IDENT complies with all German and European data protection guidelines.

With configurable rule sets and the support of our fraud experts, DEVICE IDENT can be used in a targeted manner. Even very special or unique fraud scenarios and patterns can be detected.

Your Contact Person for DEVICE IDENT

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Jürgen Brandt

VP of Business Development

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Fraud Detection in Real Time

Fraudulent transactions are detected and can be blocked immediately.

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Quick and Easy Integration

Simple set-up. The first cases of fraud can be recognized after just 24 hours.

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Global Data Pool

Comparison with millions of device data and the largest blacklist in the DACH region.

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