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Whether Whatsapp, Instagram or even “just” the personal calendar – mobile devices are increasingly becoming the center of life, and the broad willingness to spend more money on smartphones and the like is greater than ever. However, the more expensive hardware becomes, the higher the risk of having to accept increasing failures due to fraud. That is, unless you know how to protect yourself against brazen fraudsters.

Fraud Patterns in Telecommunication

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Roaming Fraud

Purchased in Germany, used abroad – the losses caused by the use of German SIM cards out of the country are an increasing burden on the industry.

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Rising Prices

The increasingly high prices of smartphones and the like make fraudulent trading of such devices more and more attractive – and the loss per transaction much greater.

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Competitive Advantage

Almost every major German company in the industry protects itself with our fraud prevention solutions. Are you not one of them? Then your market companions are already one step ahead of you!

Fraud Prevention with RISK IDENT

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Market Coverage

We know nearly every terminal device in the telecommunications environment

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Targeted comparison

A dedicated telecommunications data pool enables a targeted comparison with industry focus.

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Always One Step Ahead

We detect new fraud patterns extremely quickly and adapt our regulations accordingly

Industry Case in Telecommunications

Industry Case

One of the Europe’s leading telecommunications providers was dismayed to find that its online trade had fraud rates of over 30%. The scammers were especially targeting iPhones — which resulted in extremely high losses. As the fraudulent transactions continued, they quickly took on dimensions that forced the company to consider stopping its online business altogether. In an effort to avoid abandoning online trade, the company decided to implement DI and FRIDA — and subsequently saw its fraud rates drop to less than 10% within a year.

An Overview of Our Products

FRIDA is the intelligent all in one solution in the prevention of online fraud

It delivers reliable results in real time by using modern machine learning algorithms to establish connections between transaction data and recognize patterns. Man and machine — the dream team for online fraud prevention.

Fraud detection through the most used form of fraud prevention: device fingerprinting

Every device leaves digital traces on the internet, similar to a fingerprint in the real world. Device Ident recognizes fraudulent devices and prevents impending damage.

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Comprehensive coverage

It does not matter if it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, we know (almost) all devices in telco

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Industry know-how

We have been working with telco-clients for years and know the complex requirements of the industry

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Quick connections

By finding connections between transactions, we are able to identify professional fraudsters

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