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Imagine a world where online fraud no longer exists

At RISK IDENT, we believe the future is fraud-less. We are experts at preventing fraud, and our technology and expertise gets better with each fraudster we stop, getting us closer to our goal. Fancy yourself a Sherlock Holmes of the web? Solve real fraud cases and help our clients detect the fraudsters among their customers.

What we do

RISK IDENT provides anti-fraud solutions to companies within the e-commerce, telecommunications and financial sectors. We are experts in device fingerprinting and behavioural analytics, and our innovative solutions help protect businesses from fraud and loss of revenue. Online fraud is organised crime, and it’s on the rise. Since fraudsters learn to exploit the weaknesses of traditional fraud prevention tools over time, our self-learning and adaptive software prepare businesses for new fraud scenarios, both now and in the future. Our products are specifically tailored to comply with European data privacy regulations.

Join our team and help us #fightthebadguys

Meet the Riskies and see why we love what we do. At RISK IDENT, there are great challenges to overcome, but you will have the opportunity to do it with the best team. Check out the people behind RISK IDENT and join the path of fighting the bad guys!

Our Culture

We place high value in a healthy company culture, so people can come in with a smile on their faces each morning and find happiness in what they do. A healthy culture requires a set of core values everyone can align themselves with. A common set of values defines who we are and what we believe in. How we work and how we treat each other. Values direct our daily decision making and build the framework within which each employee is free to work.

Our Core Values


We emphasize transparent communication as a key to a successful collaboration. We share information and act with integrity. This does not mean you have to ask everyone for their opinion before making a decision. But it does means you should be prepared to explain why you made that decision at any point.



We strive for constant improvement and can only get better when we #giveandtakefeedback. We are not afraid to speak up and share our ideas, and we encourage others to challenge them! We see feedback as a positive thing, which we embrace and appreciate.



We strive for self-organization which requires a high degree of ownership by every single team member. There is no one to take over for you – we are all in this together. Being self-organized implies taking responsibility for everything you and your team delivers. And when we do a mistake, we don’t blame each other, but rather appreciate the learning opportunity. We take responsibility and make it better.



To beat the fraudster, we need to #thinklikeafraudster – which means we need to know their habits and understand them as best as possible, even before they commit fraud. We aim to create a world where online fraud no longer exists, and to do so we must think outside of the box – place our thinking in the mind of the fraudster, and anticipate their next move before they make it.



We are passionate about preventing fraud, and this is the motivating factor to get out of bed every morning. We overcome challenges each day and create positive change, making this world a better place!



We might be a bunch of diverse people from all over the world, but the one thing we have in common is a passion to do good and open-mindedness. Spread joy, have fun and laugh often! We interact respectfully with each other, always. We are all the same and no one is above getting involved and helping another out.


Come to our office in Hamburg and work with an international team

We Riskies come from all over the world, but we call Hamburg ‘home’



An enjoyable place to work includes great people, interesting and rewarding work, and knowing you’re in a place that takes care of you. Have a look at what kind of benefits you can expect when working at RISK IDENT:

Attractive discounts at partner stores and fitness centres



Free access to an online learning platform



Budget for conferences, training and more



Public transport allowance



Fresh fruit delivered weekly, plus a fridge full of free soft drinks



Support with all necessary steps when relocating



Choice of Lenovo ThinkPad or Apple MacBook Pro, IDE and anything else you need



Free workout sessions, plus a shower on premesis



Monthly lunch allowance



Social events all year round



Flexible working hours



A monthly company breakfast



Why work with us? 


Agile principles in small teams

With us, you’ll be working in small teams which enables close collaboration and rapid problem solving. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, our flexible working hours will suit you. Technical decisions are taken by the team, so that each member can be as engaged and productive as possible.



Reliable employer with a start-up spirit

We are young, dynamic and want to help make the world a better place. Although we love our fresh start-up vibe, we still take employment stability seriously. Through our investor, we have a solid financial basis and enough resources to grow.



Work on real fraud cases

Our technology serves to protect the web from fraud. This motivates us to continuously improve our products to stay one step ahead of the fraudster.



New and exciting technology

Our innovative technology is not only exciting, but also presents us with new and interesting challenges daily. We’re helping business and consumers alike by protecting them from fraud.



Everything you need

No matter whether you’re happiest on Mac, Linux or Windows; one monitor or three, we will provide you with everything you need. We also have organic fruit, soft-drinks, plus a host of other benefits on offer.


Our Tech Stack













Our tech stack also includes: Selenium, Jenkins, sbt, InfluxDB, CHEF, Play-Framework, akka, Debian, NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Grafana, ANSIBLE, Gatling, Rancher, Javascript, RxJS, R and Graphite.

Open positions

We are looking for Fraudbusters in the following fields:

IT Coordinator

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


IT Solutions Engineer 

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Scala Developer DEVICE IDENT

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Senior Data Engineer 

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Senior Sales Manager

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Tech Lead (Full Stack JavaScript)

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Technical Integration Manager

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Riskie Wanted

Permanent employee | Full-time | Hamburg


Contact us

For any questions you may have about RISK IDENT or the positions above, feel free to contact the POW team (People and Organisational Development Workforce) at

Tram Reichart

Senior POW Manager


Jana Gilb

Head of POW