Software for intelligent protection against online fraud


Most effective protection for your business and your customers

Fraudsters learn to exploit the weaknesses of traditional fraud prevention tools over time. Protect your business from fraud and loss of revenue with the comprehensive solution for innovative fraud prevention from Risk Ident. By automatically linking transactions, fraud can be detected in real time. With our self-learning and adaptive software you will be prepared to face new fraud scenarios, both now and for the future. Find out more now and always stay one step ahead of fraudsters!

How we do it

Identity Theft

Detection of stolen personal data by linking orders across accounts and transactions.

Account Takeover

Detection of irregularities in existing accounts to protect your customers.

Fake Accounts

Detection of multiple registrations and registrations using false information.

Affiliate Fraud

Detection of generated clicks and fraudulent behaviour in real time.

As a single solution or part of a perfect team!


Intelligent transaction linking

FRIDA, the self-learning anti-fraud software, supports fraud managers by intelligently linking a wide range of input sources. Incoming orders are automatically compared and evaluated, allowing connections to be quickly detected. Data protection is highly important to us – that’s why FRIDA can be installed directly on your premises. This enables you to retain all customer data locally. Thanks to an intuitive user interface you get an overview of potential fraudulent activities within seconds – immediately upon receiving an order. FRIDA not only analyses individual transactions but also immediately establishes relationships between transactions.


Device analysis and recognition

Device Ident identifies devices through their unique characteristics and analyses visitors’ devices independently of their personal data. Using intelligent rule systems, Device Ident ensures that fraud correlations can be reliably detected. Push email and API access allow for the individual assessment of this device information in real time. Integrating Device Ident into relevant pages on your website is a quick and simple process. After integration the first fraud correlations are immediately detected.

Companies already trusting our products

These are just a few of the companies that are already using Risk Ident for intelligent fraud prevention. Extensive corporate fraud prevention expertise allows all companies, including you, to benefit from our products from day one.