Fraud Prevention for Your Online Business

Online fraud does not just take place in online shops. It also affects industries like travel, gaming, gambling, ticketing, digital goods and many others. Fraudsters use similar patterns everywhere: They try to get ahold of goods and services using stolen or fake personal data, such as payment data. The only way to stop fraud is with a sophisticated fraud prevention system like RISK IDENT’s solutions, which stop fraud in real time and can be customized to your specific fraud problem.

Different Industries, Diverse Fraud Problems



Complex bookings with various partners involved and the pressure of fast processes on booking platforms pose challenges for fraud prevention


Gaming & Gambling

Virtual currency is mainly stolen by credit card fraud and chargebacks and is then spent on the platforms of the providers



Tickets purchased with stolen personal and payment data are used by fraudsters or resold on secondary markets


Voucher Providers and Digital Goods

Vouchers and other digital goods are bought with stolen data and then redeemed by fraudsters undetected

Close the Gaps in Your Fraud Management

Strong Team Against Fraud

A Strong Team Against Fraud

By combining RISK IDENT’s device fingerprinting solution DEVICE IDENT and our all-in-one fraud prevention tool FRIDA, fraud patterns can be identified. This allows various types of fraud to be detected and stopped effectively.

Fraud Prevention in Real Time

Device Recognition in Real Time

Even with large amounts of data, transactions are evaluated in real time. This instant process includes device recognition, blacklist comparison, pattern recognition, and a calculation of fraud probability. Fraudsters are quickly put to a stop before they cause damage.

Sharing Experiences and Pooling Data

Fraud is Not Competition

RISK IDENT relies on sharing experiences and pooling data. We connect our customers from all industries because everybody benefits when the latest scamming tricks and other learned information is shared.

Industry Case

RISK IDENT secures game developer WHOW Games against online fraud

Despite its considerable size, the online gaming market continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Global revenue for 2022 is forecast by Statista at a volume of 21.77 billion EUR. By 2026, further market growth of around one quarter is estimated to reach a global volume of 26.73 billion EUR. This corresponds to an annual growth of more than 6%.

An Overview of Our Products

FRIDA is the intelligent all in one solution in the prevention of online fraud

It delivers reliable results in real time by using modern machine learning algorithms to establish connections between transaction data and recognize patterns. Man and machine — the dream team for online fraud prevention.

Fraud detection through the most used form of fraud prevention: device fingerprinting

Every device leaves digital traces on the internet, similar to a fingerprint in the real world. Device Ident recognizes fraudulent devices and prevents impending damage.

We Know About Your Challenges

Example Case: Fraudsters on Board

Example Case: Fraudsters on Board

Similar to other industries, the travel industry is versatile. The business models of airlines, booking platforms and tour operators differ greatly — and so do the fraud patterns. This poses major challenges for fraud prevention in the travel industry. But fraud prevention with RISK IDENT is just as versatile. The individual creation and configurability of rules and filters allows us to adapt the calculation of fraud scores to the specific circumstances of our customers.

Let’s Stop Fraud Together!

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Fraud Prevention in Real Time

Transaction risk is assessed in real time and thus damage is prevented

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Networking Against Fraud

Exchange of information through global and cross-sector device data pool

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Effective Pattern Recognition

Detecting links between fraudulent transactions identifies fraudsters

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