MRC Dublin Presentation Tease: ATO Connect Effect

MRC Dublin Presentation

ATO Connect Effect: A Fresh Look At Connecting Fraudulent Transactions

RISK IDENT’s Head of Product & Integration, Axel Wienberg, is scheduled to present “ATO Connect Effect: A Fresh Look At Connecting Fraudulent Transactions” at MRC Dublin on Wednesday, May 16, from 10:30AM to 11:15AM.

The extreme rise of account takeover fraud (ATO) has reached record levels, and it doesn’t look as if the complicated crime is anywhere near a point of slowing down. This has left companies scrambling to find ways to detect criminals who pose as trusted users — which is proving to be a difficult task.

ATO happens when a fraudster uses criminal means to gain access to a legitimate account and then uses the account holder’s registered payment information to gain access to goods and cash. Because ATO fraudsters often seem like they’re the accounts’ rightful owners, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to recognize the fraudulent activity and purchases until it’s too late.

Axel Wienberg, will take audience members through a series of fresh ways of looking for and detecting ATO fraud. Some of the topics he’ll be exploring include digital body language, how to tell the difference between connections and coincidences, and ways to ensure that crime doesn’t pay — which will dissuade ATO fraudsters from attacking your business.

In addition to his experience at RISK IDENT, Wienberg has worked in various product roles in the e-commerce space for the last 15 years, developing platform software used by international enterprises and balancing the needs of users, customers, and partners.

Result-driven fraud prevention solutions engineered by RISK IDENT reduce identity theft, account takeovers, payment fraud, and account/loan application fraud on all channels. Our cost-effective products use extensive domain knowledge and machine learning technology tailor made for tier-one enterprises.

Experts from RISK IDENT will be available for discussion during MRC Dublin from May 14 through May 16 at booth #1. We’ll also be presenting a live demo of RISK IDENT’s products on Tuesday May 15 at 11AM. We’d love to meet you, so please drop by our booth or either of our presentations, and we can share our knowledge and experience!

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