Redirecting parcels is a popular practice among fraudsters. To do this, they change the delivery address of their order after you have confirmed it – sometimes even after your goods have already left the warehouse. Many retailers offer such a service, which is unfortunately being exploited more and more often by fraudsters.

A common pattern we have observed is as follows: The fraudster places an order in your online shop and uses a credit card whose data he has stolen or acquired on the dark web. The delivery address he gives corresponds to the address that is connected to the legitimate owner of the card – in order to confirm the order. Once you have confirmed the transaction, the fraudster then changes the delivery address, redirecting the parcel to an address to which he has access.

Fraud committed in this way is unfortunately very difficult to prevent. To do this, you would have to monitor your deliveries – or ask your parcel service provider not to offer the option to change the delivery address afterwards. Learn how to protect your business from fraud:

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